Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords Apk v5.1.2 (Unlocked)

Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords APK
Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords APK

Free Download Aplikasi Premium - Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords Apk: Hai sobat, kali ini saya share aplikasi untuk belajar gitar di smartphone android sobat, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords Apk. Dengan aplikasi ini sobat akan lebih mudah dalam belajar memainkan gitar.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords membantu kita untuk menemukan chords dari lagu-lagu yang sobat inginkan. Aplikasi ini sudah mendukung 800.000 kunci lagu dari seluruh dunia dan selalu update. Banyak fitur yang dapat sobat dapatkan dari aplikasi ini seperti melihat chords dari sebuah lagu, dan masih banyak fitur yang lainnya. Nah, bagi sobat yang ingin belajar memainkan gitar bisa mencoba aplikasi ini karena sobat akan terbantu sekali dengan aplikasi yang bernama Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords ini.

Main Features :

  • Quick Search. Find Tabs quickly by entering artist name or song title. 
  • Favorites. Add Tabs to your Favorites to make them available for offline browsing. Synchronize Tabs between the app and your online account! 
  • Advanced Search tool. You can search for Tabs by specifying Tab type, part of the song, difficulty level, tuning, and rating. 
  • UG Authorization. Sign in with your Ultimate Guitar account, or create a new one directly from the app. 
  • Playlists. Create custom lists of Tabs in your Favorites. 
  • Chords. View chord diagrams while reading Chords, transpose chords easily. 
  • Tab Packs. Collections of pre-selected Tabs. Tab Packs are based on skills level, music genres, and special occasions. 
  • Top 100 Tabs list for each Tab type (Guitar, Bass, Chords, Drums or overall). 
  • Auto-scroll feature. View Tablature in the text viewer using the handy Auto-Scroll functionality - The App will scroll Tabs for you! 
  • Changeable fonts. Pick what font to use for displaying Tabs' content. 
  • Random Tab. Load Tab for a random song. 
  • Now playing. Find Tabs for the currently playing song (needs to be technically supported by the device). 
  • Portrait and Landscape modes are available. You can scale Tabs too. 

Tab Pro* Includes :

  • Supports the Tab Pro format, similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab. 
  • Huge Database. A thorough database with over 150,000 Tabs. 
  • Playback. Instantly playback tabs with real-sounding instruments. 
  • Multitrack. Audio mixing is in your hands, change volume on any instrument. 
  • Chords. Shown above the corresponding beats for optimum visual cues. 
  • Fretboard display. Get the perfect view of the notes' placement on each fret. 
  • You will get access to Tabs in the Tab Pro format from the app's regular search results after making the in-app purchase.

Tab Tools Includes :

  • Fit To Screen" feature, which makes tabs easier to read on your device 
  • Font customization capability 
  • Print function available (for Cloud Print-compatible devices) 
  • Email - send tabs by email with just one tap. 
  • Copying to clipboard 
  • Guitar Tools combines a top-quality Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Chords Library together with your Ultimate Guitar Tabs app, giving you the ultimate set of guitar tools: 
  • Guitar Tuner. Keep your instrument in tune using your device's built in microphone, or with our accurate Brain Tuner. 
  • Metronome. Keep in time with a metronome full of features like fine tempo tuning, ability to set tempo by tapping, adjustable tempo signature, beat subdivision, 5 sound packs, and much more. 
  • Chords Library. Display and playback chords from our beautiful and powerful chord library. 

Screenshot :

Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords - 1

Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords - 2

Ultimate Guitar Tabs Chords - 3

System Required :

  • OS : Android 2.1 and up 
  • File Size : 10 MB
  • Google Play

What's New :

  1. 17 great guitar inside!

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